Love & Support for Your Brilliance…

“What If Someone Working Behind The Scenes Loved Your Business As Much As You Do?”

You are ready to make some serious changes in the world, make a name for yourself, and make good money doing it…

But for some reason, despite hiring wonderful mentors, investing in mastermind groups and training courses, your business is STUCK.

You’ve got amazing fans and everyone says you have this great POTENTIAL, but it never seems to translate into reality.

Sound familiar? If yes, keep reading…

Here are a few other things that might resonate with you:

  • You feel like you’re on the verge of catapulting your business into the spotlight (and maybe you’ve been feeling this way for years) but each year you end up making about the same amount of money
  • You initially started your business because you feel called to do some great work in the world and to help as many people as possible but now you wonder if you’re actually cut out to run your own business
  • You’re smart. In fact you’re so smart, you’ve gotten away with doing just about everything in your business from website design, copywriting, program development and EVERYTHING in between, but most of those tasks don’t get you excited and, even worse, they completely drain your energy
  • You’re not really a details person. More accuratenly, although you’re more than capable of seeing the details, it’s not what you love to do. Your gifts like in being creative and in seeing the big picture vision of what’s possible…that’s what gets you really EXCITED!
  • At times, you’ve hired people to work in your business, but for some reason, the relationship between you and your team members never seems to stick and/or you have a disjointed team that only does what you tell them to do and since you don’t love following up on all of those crazy but necessary details, important pieces of the money making puzzle get dropped
  • You’ve probably had some significant failures in your business in the past and those disappointments cause you to second guess yourself
  • Maybe you’ve rebranded more than once or twice (no judgement!)
  • Maybe you’ve had to take on extra work that’s not part of your calling just to make sure the bills are paid or maybe you’re working part-time for someone else doing the work you’d like to do in your own business and while it’s aligned with what you want to do it’s not as fulfilling as you’d like it to be
  • You make enough money to get by but it comes in fits and starts and frankly, you’re tired of staying stuck at the same income level year after year

I get it. I’ve been a coach for over a decade and there were lots of times when I struggled to make ends meet. It got so bad that I started doing “side jobs” for some of my coaching friends to earn a little extra income.

What I discovered is that I LOVE doing a lot of the business stuff that my buddies hated! Things like:

  • Creating step-by-step plans to make sure a Visionary idea actually becomes reality
  • Double-checking to make sure no details are overlooked and that all the work has been done right
  • Triple checking to make sure that technical side of things is working so that subscribers, clients, and customers have a great experience without any techie frustrations
  • Managing teams to keep everyone happy while ensuring that things get done on time
  • Managing joint venture partners so that they feel super supported and get exactly what they need to be a great partner for you
  • Managing product and program launches to make sure pesky things like links, custom pages, and autoresponders are all working without a hitch

And I also found out that this kind of work is part of my genius and that my genius is a big blindspot for many other entrepreneurs. Working for the right client, whose vision I believe in 100%, gets me excited to get out of bed and practically run to my computer. Crazy, right?

I tend to fall in love with my clients’ businesses and take the time to make sure that clients are supported as if they were my own.

Have you hired virtual assistants, online business managers, webmasters, graphic designers and joint venture managers who just did the bare minimum? Not that there’s anything wrong with that necessarily. Often those VAs and contractors charge a lower rate and are happy to crank out the work that you and all of their many other clients assign.

But what if you don’t know everything that needs to get done because you’re not a Details person?

“What Would Be Different In Your Business If Someone Was Looking Out For You?”

What if someone loved your business just as much as you did?
How would it feel to have someone partnering with you who really cared about the well-being of your business?
What would change if you had someone working for you who is STRONG where you are not?
How would you feel if you knew someone else was handling all the little details?
What would you be able to accomplish if all of your time and energy went towards keeping you in your genius?

Imagine the sense of Freedom and Liberation to play in your business again instead of work!

Believe me when I say, that’s the vision I want for you…
I’m a heart-centered “Small Business Alchemist” for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

What in the world does that mean?
It means I provide the chemistry to take your ideas from Visionary to Viable…

You have the big vision and it’s my job to be the catalyst to make sure the right things happen, in the right order, on time, every time.

You’re here to do amazing work and I’m here to support you in getting your brilliance out into the world

Intrigued? Still reading?

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I look forward to connecting with you…

Kim Nishida
Your Small Business Alchemist